Below is a brief list of what will happen should you decide to “Armonify” your Cooperative society.

1. No more Queues!

With all your processes now online, your members will never have to queue for anything again!

2. No more paperwork & confusing excel sheets

All reports are digitally generated in several easy to use professional formats.

3. Multiple Admin access

All your admin staff can access any part of the system - Admin, Accounting and Reporting (you can even vary their privileges, depending on how much rights you want each administrator to have).

4. Multiple Contribution Types

This means you can customize several unique contribution types for your members! As many as you want, all at the same time

5. Customizable Loans

You can also customize just as many loans as you want with your own unique qualification criteria, terms and repayment plans.

6. 'Multipurpose' offers and Ventures

With Armony all your offers are visible and available online to your members anywhere they are! Everything from household items, to cars, real estate…just name it!

7. Cooperative Multipurpose Systems Administration has never been easier

The Administrator has full control over co-operator data – Biodata, Transactions, Contributions, Loans etc. Displayed either singly or as a group as tables, graphs and charts!

8. Full Accounting System

With Armony, you don't need to worry yourself about posting and complex accounting book keeping. The Software does the accounting seamlessly internally, as your transactions and operations are logged into the system. All you get is just your balanced financial reports and books!

9. Robust Notification System

Sms Notifications, Crisp, Customized e-mails and Armony Inbox ensures that your members are ‘instantly up-to-date’ on events concerning their accounts and the CTCS as a whole.

10. Comprehensive Month and Year-end Operations

The system automatically computes your month and year-end operations with no hassles!

11. Mobile Integration

Armony mobile helps your members access their accounts functionally on their internet-connected mobile phones!

12. No internet on their phones?

Your members can still look up items and have their account, loan and contribution status via sms. They only need to send specific SMS queries to obtain information by SMS.

13. Shell-tight, Multi-tier Security System

Not only ensures that your system is safe but will in case of a fraudulent action pin-point the culprit! - User authentication system, Automatic Session Timeout, Un-editable User-activity Log, Regulated Admin Privileges are some of the in-built security measures.

14. Of course, your society gets a beautiful well designed website

Most cooperative societies do not have a website. That is an anomaly in the 21st century. When we deploy Armony for your society, a Website is one of the many things you get.

Seriously with all these, why wouldn’t you Armonify your Cooperative Society today?!

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