Basic Operations For Members

Profile and Biodata Manager Name, Address, Position, Picture, Id Number, Signature etc.
Contributions Manager Displays table of contribution amount, interest, withdrawals etc. Printable as PDF.
Deduction Form Generator Auto-filled deduction authorization form for print.
Fund Allocation Move funds to and from CTCS contribution and investment account.
Pay to Savings Pay a lump sum to savings via online transfer or approved teller or cheque.
Reschedule Savings Increase or reduce contributions. Printable as PDF.
Final entitlement Compute final entitlement: e.g. on exiting the CTCS. Printable in PDF.


View all offers Offers displayed to members including information, pictures etc.
Apply for Offers Members can apply for Offers.
Manage offers Delete, increase or reduce demand for offers.

Loan Manager

Access available loan types. Several loan types with typical requirements and settings.
Apply for loans End to end online loan application including options for online money transfer.
View loan "Lifecycle" Waiting, active and completed loans.
View loan servicing history See breakdown of how loan is being serviced. Printable In PDF.
Loan Calculator Automatically calculate loan servicing schedule based on input e.g. interest payable monthly deduction on loans etc.


Basic Operations For Administrator

Co-operator database. Member data, ID, name, picture, location. Printable in PDF
Co-operator activity database look-up Instant summary of Member activity in tables; Total contributions, loans. Printable in PDF
CTCS activity administrator. Reschedule list, Reversal list, Part-withdrawal list, Final entitlement request list, Lump sum payment list etc. All Printable in PDF
Add a co-operator Add new co-operators

Master Setting

Administrator Manager List of Admin staff. Add, Delete Admin Staff
Allocate Administrator privileges Specify the capabilities and privileges of each administrator.
CTCS Bank Account Manager Assign bank account to e.g. Income, Loans, Contributions, Expenses etc


Create and manage special groups with specific peculiarities within CTCSs


Co-operator activity database look up View and print list of all individuals
Asset Bidding Place bids for CTCS auctioned assets
Message Portal Feedback, Complaints, Enquiries
News manager Post news and information for all members (or a specified group) to see
Un-editable User log Monitor all user activities and stores it in an un-editable format.


Add new loans Define unique loan criteria e.g. duration, interest, eligibility etc
View queues View Awaiting, Confirmed, Serving, Completed loan queues over any period.
View loan journals Auto-generated journals and loan books
View loan metrics and statistics Tables, graphs, charts depicting data on loans over any period.


Offer Manager Add, delete, modify offers
Input offer expenses and purchases Input costs incurred on offers in the account books.
View offer Journals Auto-generated offer journals



CTCS ‘external’ income Log income that come in from external sources.
CTCS Loans Loans obtained by the CTCS


Debts Repayment CTCS repayments
Expenses CTCS expenses
Pre-payments CTCS pre-payments
Imprest Handles imprests
Assets CTCS assets

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